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In his January 29, 2002 State of the Union Address, President Bush
asked Americans to volunteer their services to improve and safeguard
our country, thus creating the Citizen Corp program. One of the
volunteer opportunities offered under the Citizen Corp initiative is
the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program.

CERT is a vital component of the Citizen Corp. It is a community-
based initiative for citizens in homeland security and community and
family preparedness through public education, outreach, training
opportunities and volunteer service CERT gives people the
decision-making and physical skills necessary to offer immediate
assistance in times of disaster. It is a natural feeling for people
to help others in need. The training helps you to do this more
efficiently and effectively without causing you any unnecessary harm.

Ideal candidates for CERT programs are community groups, school
staff, workplace employees or any member of the community. There
are many jobs involved with CERT. Age or physical abilities should
not be a concern. Not every job is a physical one. CERT team
members can also help with non-emergency community projects that
help improve the safety of the community and its members.


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